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About CIP List to the rescue!
The process of bidding on city or county projects has become much more difficult and costly- but it doesn't have to be anymore. California Assembly bill number 2036 (AB-2036), became law in August of 2010 and has essentially banned charging fees for plans. As many of you now know- the law states that...

"To charge for plans and specifications is contrary to good public policy because it limits the numbers of bidders by forcing them to absorb upfront costs before they have a chance to review the project details."

This new law creates many challenges for cities and counties that has solved... plus it's FREE! is sponsored by Virtual Project Manager (VPM). It's an effective way for VPM to thank cities and counties who use their Web Based System for running there CIP projects. VPM also gains marketing value from through visibility to Plan Holders. Net result- FREE!

History: was created by the City of San Marcos and Rancho Cucamonga as a way to deal with the new requirements of AB-2036 and to cut costs to taxpayers. Virtual Project Manager ( built the site and paid all coding expenses, but San Marcos created the format and structure. So, we all need to send a vote of thanks to San Marcos for creating this unique solution to this new challenge.

There are no Fees, no subscriptions to anyone, and absolutely no costs of any kind to cities, counties, or contractors/vendors. is not only FREE- but it's also very easy to use. Compared to the sometimes three-hour process most Plan Rooms demand, takes (on average) five minutes to process and load projects.

Simple to Use:
There is no training required for the simple and easy city/county interface, so loading projects is simple. Plus- everything is automated. Automatic notification of addendum's, specs, and project information happens in real time and with time stamped verification. Plus there is much more!

  • Paperless bids save taxpayers money every month.
  • Automatic notification to contractors of new project postings.
  • Organizes a Plan Holders list of prime contractors, sub contractors, & Vendors.
  • Full visibility of Plan Holders activities with time stamps.
  • Automatic publication/plan room postings, newspapers and more (customizable).
  • Reduces re-bids from contractors missing addendum's, plans, & specifications.
  • Automatic stipulated notifications of special groups.
  • Total tracking of all grant-qualifying activities.
  • Annual Federal Report with one push of a button.
  • Tracks certified DBE or UDBE for grant requirements.

More Benefits!
  • Reduced personnel and HR costs
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduced IT department costs
  • Total Control of YOUR Projects from beginning to end.